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5 Things That Make An Event Extra Special

Celebrating a special occasion calls for planning a great event! That, friends, is no easy feat. Planning takes so much effort and time, but as soon as the day comes and you see how great things turned out, you’ll realize that everything was worth it. Let’s start making your event extra special with these few ideas:

1. Have great lighting, decorations and music

Lighting, decor and music will have a great effect on how your guests feel. People’s emotions can be affected by the environment they’re in and can set the mood for your entire event! Also, great lighting allows your guests to take good quality photos, which is super important in our age of social media!

2. Get a really good host

A great host is a very crucial part of your event. You can’t have a host that will ruin your audiences’ mood so make sure that whoever you choose is engaging and fun!

3. Serve yummy food

Everyone has that friend that asks “May pagkain ba?” We wanna make that friend very happy – along with everyone else on your guestlist. Whether you’re serving a full course meal, or just a couple of snacks, the food should be tasty and satisfying!

4. Pair yummy food, with yummy drinks.

Your yummy food should be complemented by a selection of great drinks. Some of your guests might just want a refreshing glass of iced tea, while some would want a bottle of ice cold beer. It would be good to have a variety of great beverages that your guests could choose from.

5. Customize/Personalize your giveaways

Your giveaways should match the theme of your event – whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or just a gathering of friends. Giveaways give your event that “extra something” which makes it more special and memorable.

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