3 Reasons Why You Need to Try Craft Soda

First craft beer, and now what? Yeah, you got that right; there is such a thing as craft soda, and it’s making waves in other countries abroad. Confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on below to find out what makes a bottle of craft soda different from the average soft drink, and why you need to try craft soda today!

1. Uses Natural, High Quality Ingredients
While the average soft drink might use artificially-created, chemical flavors, craft sodas use high quality, natural ingredients in the process. Craft soda makers also try their best to utilize local ingredients, as much as possible.

2. Better for you
Can’t give up sweet beverages? Don’t worry, craft soda is known to be better for you, compared to commercial soft drinks. Craft Soda producers try to avoid the bad stuff – high fructose corn syrup, artificial chemical flavorings and unnatural preservatives. These producers tend to make sodas, with just the right amount of sweetness, by using natural sources: sugar, honey or stevia. Not only that, but the natural ingredients like fruits or tea found in craft sodas can also give you the added benefits of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

3. Crafted by local, independent companies
Believe it or not, craft soda really isn’t that new. Before the time of big monopolies or duopolies, each town or district would actually have their own locally made soda in many countries around the world. Today, many craft soda producers are trying to bring that industry back. So when you pop open a craft soda, remember that you’re supporting a local business!

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