Radlers Will Change the Way You Drink Beer

What’s not to love about sweet, refreshing and alcoholic drinks? In our never-ending quest to explore the complex world of craft beers, we have encountered something amazing: The Radler.

Radlers have been around for quite some time now.  Some of the first known accounts of Radlers date back to early 20th century Germany. It’s said that German innkeeper was waiting for his regular customers, a group of cyclists, but found that he didn’t have enough beer to serve them all. So he quickly mixed his remaining beer with some lemonade.

Eventually when the cyclists got there after a long bike ride, they enjoyed the sweet and refreshing beer-lemonade combo; and the rest is history! They even named it for him: “Radler” means cyclist in German, but over time the drink also got an English name: “Shandy.”

Today, Radlers are usually made using a mix of alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic, fruit-based soda. The fruit soda gives this drink a sweet, light and refreshing feel, while the beer gives it a nice, alcoholic kick. All of these make for a great drink after a long day. But don’t worry; since this is a mixture of beer and soda, the alcohol content isn’t as much as normal beers.

Explore the Radler yourself! This month, we brewed a small batch of what we like to call a Philippine Radler – a wheat beer blended with calamansi soda. Try a few when you order our Crate of 8: Rainy Day Pack! Order Link: 

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