Proppy X Nipa Brew Collaboration!


When 2 brands that appreciate the business of drinking work together, the result is a couple of beer-designed socks and a special blend IPA (India Pale Ale) !

The Proppy brand idea first started as a series of discussions over bottles of beer. In fact, the Proppy logo is shaped after a tansan (beer bottle cap).  In celebration of International Beer Day, the Proppy Team sought to work with local craft brewery Nipa Brew to create a special IPA blend that is rich and fragrant, a perfect ending to a productive day.

The Proppy x Nipa Brew Set also comes with 2 limited edition designs that borrow design elements from the Nipa Brew logo. A hexagon design in a super wearable navy shade that is minimalist and recommended for the office and formal occasions; and a printed sock with inter-spaced tropical palm trees from the Nipa Brew logo, a beer bottle, and a beer mug. The color is inspired by Nipa Brew’s best-selling Tropic Haze beer and has a more casual vibe.

Sets are very limited and available online only so head over to and order your set now!

For Php 799, The Proppy x Nipa Brew Pack includes:

1 pair – Proppy x Nipa Brew Gray Beer Socks
1 pair – Proppy x Nipa Brew Blue Hexagon Socks
1 bottle – Proppy India Pale Ale (Special Brew)
1 bottle – Tropic Haze Wheat Ale
1 bottle – Sun Stoked Blonde Ale

Order here:

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