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Why Craft Beer Makes a Great Christmas Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s about time to start the Christmas shopping! While clothes, make up, gadgets, and cakes are considered the usual holiday presents, have you ever considered giving a bottle (or 4, or heck, maybe a whole case) of craft beer for Christmas? Well, this is why you should:

1. It’s NEW and UNIQUE

Craft beer is a rising trend in the country and a lot of Filipinos are getting into it. Whether it’s the fulfillment of brewing their own beers, or simply the joy of drinking a craft beverage, we’re seeing more people joining the craft beer scene. Each bottle offers better flavor and aroma than your normal beers – something most of us would surely appreciate.

2. It pairs well with Christmas food

Wines are often paired with food, but did you know that you can also pair food with beer? This year, how about pairing your Christmas Noche Buena with some good ol’ craft beer? Wheat beers would go well with a sweet Christmas ham. Salty Queso de Bola would be perfect with a flavorful bottle of India Pale Ale. For dessert, how about a bottle of coffee Porter with everyone’s favorite black forest cake?

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3. You don’t have to share it with kids!

The best part is that adults can be selfish with it! Let’s give the old(er) ones a break this holiday season, and let them have the whole cake – or in this case, the whole bottle. Christmas isn’t just for the kids, after all. Maybe you could give some to that friend who never goes out anymore because of the kids, or that older sibling who constantly has to babysit the younger ones.

4. It’s beer. ‘Nuff Said.

Who doesn’t like alcohol? We’re well aware of how much Filipinos loooooooove their beer. Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party, travelling to different places, going on a date or simply being merry at home with the family, a little beer makes everything better. Heartbroken on Christmas? Kahit malamig man ang pasko mo, etong beer ang bahala sa’yo!

Well, what do you think? Give love beer on Christmas day! Check out our Nipa Brew Party Packs here and go have yourself a BEER-y little Christmas!

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