Nipa Brew Expedition Series

Dive further into the craft beer escapade with Nipa Brew’s Expedition Series!
These are carefully formulated in collaboration with The Professor’s Brew, to bring bigger, bolder, and stronger flavors that will take you out of this planet.
So forget the boring. Buckle up and take your craft beer journey to the next level with Nipa Brew!

Ep I: Wake Me for The Weekend
This creamy latte IPA (5.5%) has distinct coffee notes that will awaken you this weekend for a trip to outer space.

Ep II: Take Me To Your Leader
Take a sip of this malty scotch heavy ale (9.1%) to see alien leaders.

Ep III: Exsqueeze Me, I’m Human
Burst in the hazy clutches of this extraterrestrial juicy IPA (6.7%) with citrus, tropical fruit flavors.

Ep IV: Release Me from Lockdown (artwork to follow)
Break out of alien prison with this creamy yet refreshing white IPA (5%).

To be continued… [suspenseful music]

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Note: You do not have drink the beers in episode sequence.

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