Do you know where “Nipa Brew” came from?


With the many up and coming microbreweries in the Philippines, and as many unique names as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about our name.  We also get a lot of guesses:

“Do you guys use Nipa Sap in your beers?” – Not yet, but this looks promising!

“You guys must brew in a Nipa hut, don’t you?” – We used too …. Just kidding.

Why Nipa Brew?
When we started our craft beer journey, we wanted a name and image that would convey adventure. For us, the whole craft beer experience was really about going out there and exploring different aspects of beer: brewing techniques, natural ingredients, and beer styles, all in order to give people great beer that would lead them out of their comfort zones.
For us, that symbol was a Nipa Hut – a Filipino symbol of ingenuity and adventure. From trekking in the mountains to surfing by the beach, there’s no chance that you won’t see a Nipa hut. It’s in many, if not all, adventure spots around the Philippines. In most cases, Nipa huts serve as a backpacker’s home base when on an adventure. That’s what we want to be: your guide to a whole new world of beer you never knew existed.

So, what exactly is Nipa Brew?
Nipa Brew is Filipino Craft Beer Brewed for Adventure. We brew beers that dare you to explore the different possibilities out there.  We want you to leave the comfort of your normal beer choices and discover the craft beer experience. We want you to say “Damn, I never thought beer could taste like this!”

Life is too short for the usual. There’s an exciting world of flavor for you to discover, and you’ll never find the amazing things in store for you unless you actually experience it.

So how about it? Ready for a craft beer adventure?

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