Happy IPA Day!

By Nipa Brew - Admin 01 23 July, 2018

Let’s raise our beer-filled glasses to one of the most iconic craft beer styles: India Pale Ale!

Every second Thursday of August, the craft beer community comes together to celebrate IPA Day. The holiday initially started out as a social media-based movement in 2011. It was created so that craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers and brewers could share their love for craft beer and simultaneously increase awareness. Of course, you can’t celebrate beer just by sharing articles on social media! Eventually pubs and breweries made IPA Day extra special by organizing events and featuring extra special beers.

This year, Nipa Brew Taproom and Brewhouse is bringing IPA Day to the Philippines! But IPAs are too awesome to limit the festivities to just one day. Which is why from July 28 to August 4, we’re tapping SIX IPAs from other breweries and your truly!

We’re capping the week off with another collab release with Plain Sight Coffee Roasters: Weekender Latte IPA and Ethiopia Latte IPA. Celebrate IPA Day the NIPAway!

On July 28 to August 4, Nipa Brew Taproom and Brewhouse will be tapping IPAs, not only from Nipa Brew, but also The Professor’s Brew, Hideout Brewery, and Brewlab 2021. Stay tuned to find out more about IPAs and what beers we’re tapping during the week! 

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Bea Clarito | Nipa Brew Taproom Events Manager | Stout and IPA Kinda Girl