Beer Style 101: IPA

By Nipa Brew - Admin 01 23 July, 2018

IPA, or India Pale Ale, is an aggressively hopped beer style that’s well loved by craft beer fans.

Aren’t IPAs really bitter?? Not necessarily!

The high volume of hops in IPAs contribute to the fruity or flowery notes that characterize the aroma and flavor of the beers. While some IPAs are extra bitter, others are more gentle on the palette.

This beer style allegedly originated during the height of the British empire, when they were trying to colonize India. Since India was too warm for beer brewing, London brewers had to ship their ales out and they observed that the beers perished along the way. Because of this, a brewer named George Hodgson sent out a heavily hopped beer which not only survived the journey, but also tasted better. Hence the name India Pale Ale!

Today, there are several types of IPAs that vary according to flavor, aroma, texture and strength. IPAs can be fruity, flowery or spicy, and are paired well with strongly flavored dishes.

On July 28 to August 4, Nipa Brew Taproom and Brewhouse will be tapping IPAs, not only from Nipa Brew, but also The Professor’s Brew, Hideout Brewery, and Brewlab 2021. Stay tuned to find out more about IPAs and what beers we’re tapping during the week!

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