3 Beer Styles for those who “DON’T LIKE BEER”

No, you don’t not like beer. You just haven’t found the right beer style yet. Take it from me; I used to hate beer at first. In fact, I had to drink a lot (and I mean, a lot!) of beer before I found my perfect style. Everything used to be “It tastes like… beer” to me, but now it’s all about flavor, aroma, mouth feel and all those beautiful things you learn to appreciate along the way.

As a beer-ginner, here are 3 styles you should try as you explore the wonderful world of craft beer:

Tropic Haze Wheat Beer

1. Wheat Beer
A wheat beer is a type of beer mostly made of…wheat! These beers are usually unfiltered, with the yeast still in the beer, making it hazy. Hefeweizen is the most common wheat beer, with clove and banana notes in both aroma and flavor. Belgian wheat beers are usually more floral. American style wheat beers have citrusy notes and are a bit more hoppy (hoppy, meaning bitter taste and floral or fruity aroma).

Skinny Brewer’s Seasonal IPA

2. India Pale Ale (a.k.a. IPA)
IPA’s are hoppy beers. If you’re into very fruity or floral beers, this one’s for you! IPA’s have more hops added to enhance flavor and aroma. Be careful though! It’s these same hops that give bitterness, so naturally, IPA’s tend to be more bitter than your usual beer. English IPAs use English hops which impart spicy and earthy notes to the beer. American hops, on the other hand, make American IPA’s citrusy and piney.

Midnight Blur Light Porter

3. Porter
You probably thought beers were limited to the fizzy, golden liquid we commonly see in bars and pubs. You could not be more wrong! Porters are a kind of dark beer made with roasted malts that give it its color. Brown porters are a lighter, milder type of porter which usually has chocolate, caramel and nut flavors. Robust porters have a slightly more roasted taste and are usually hoppier.

So there you go! There are a lot of different beer styles to choose from, depending on your preferences. Now stop reading beer articles, check out our beer map, and go get yourself a bottle of something new!

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